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Society for Human Resource Management of Tompkins County


May 23, 2007 8:00 to 4:30 PM Emerson Suites, Ithaca College

HR: Today & Beyond

The HR: Today & Beyond conference will address issues and challenges facing HR professionals, Not-for-Profit and Business Leaders in the business world today and beyond.  You will receive practical tools to meet the challenges to directly influence your business’ bottom line.  Sessions provided will address items that greatly affect business such as ethical leadership, communication skills, diversity and legal compliance issues.  You will receive advice that can help you succeed from our panel of  the area’s leading VP’s in HR.

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2007 Conference Registration Fee - SHRMTC, HRATT, STAR Member - $150.00

2007 Conference Registration Fee - Non Member - $175.00

Keynote Speakers

Ken Gronbach: ”Charting the Course Through Change”


Understanding the basics of Generational Marketing and Shifting Demography, the basics of supply, demand and how they change.  Real life examples of the enormous power of oscillating populations and the profound effect on industry, business, organizations, economics and culture.  Why is understanding Generation X so critical?  Where have all the managers gone, and what happened to McDonald’s help wanted signs?  Rethinking the labor force instead of chasing rainbows.  The new HR archetype– armed for the battle and headed for the C-level.  Changing the HR Brand forever by taking control and staying ahead of the wave.

VP Panel Discussion: ”Challenges of Today & Planning for Tomorrow "


Facilitator, Chris Metzler, Cornell University ILR, will guide our distinguished panel through a discussion on the challenges facing HR now and the steps VP’s are taking to prepare their organization for the future.


Honored panel members include:


Mary Opperman, VP of HR, Cornell University

Allen Peterson, VP of HR, Cayuga Medical Center

Schelley Michell-Nunn, Director of HR, City of Ithaca

Bob Bantle, EVP of Tompkins Services, Tompkins Trust Co.

Judi Clements   “The More I Hurry, the Slower I Go:  How to Restore Balance in Your Life”


With the many challenges facing HR professional today & beyond, one of their greatest challenges will be achieving balance between work & home, and helping their employees do the same.  You’ll laugh and learn as you hear Judi share some real work strategies for achieving this balance.

Recognize & reverse burnout before it devastates you. Set personal & professional priorities. Communicate your priorities to others. Say “no” without guilt or alienation. Keep your sense of humor. Organize your personal & professional responsibilities. Utilize effective stress management techniques.


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